501-0873-4 Pontiac Grand Prix 2001 - CAI Air Intake System
Pontiac Grand Prix 2001 - CAI Air Intake System

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#501-0873-4 - Polished CAI Air Intake System
#501-0873-4 - Black Powder Coated CAI Air Intake System (7-10 Days)

CAI Cold Air Intake System

Boost your Grand Prix performance with our true cold air intake. Our intake system surpass our competitors with superior quality and craftsmanship while achieving outstanding performance gains. We see on average, a 16 horsepower gain on otherwise stock L67s and 10 horsepower on L36s.

Intake System Includes:
- Aluminum Insulated Air Box
- Air Box lid with 1/4 turn fasteners
- Aluminum PCM tray
- 9" CAI, Inc. cone filter
- Installation instructions

Forget all your preconceptions about how filter boxes and intake tubes look and perform. We've smashed those expectations, and your vehicle will never be the same.

- Our boxes are .08'' aluminum, not heat-conducting plastic.
- 3/8'' thermal insulation on the box prevents heat transfer and keeps the incoming air as cool as possible.
- Each Air Intake is TIG welded by hand.
- Clear viewing window allows filter inspection without opening the box.
- Box opens easily with just a quarter turn for quick cleaning.

But the attention to detail and performance doesn't end with the box. We're only just getting started. Our tubes come fully insulated with a ceramic coating, smoothed down to a high polish to facilitate maximum airflow. We even use a thermal-imaging camera to look at our filters and the temperatures at which it handles the air coming in. We also use dynamometer readings to make sure that we're getting the best performance from the machine. This means we know immediately that our unique design features deliver benefits that are real and measurable.

After you've installed our air intake, you might notice that the outside of the intake system is hot. Don't fret. That just means our intake is doing the job of keeping the heat outside the tube and not inside it. Our aluminum exterior surface on the box reflects the radiant heat under the hood, while thermal insulation adds another layer of protection from thermal energy, absorbing it before it enters the tube.

But we're not done! The tube features a ceramic coating that continues keeping radiant heat from penetrating and keeps the air moving smoothly.

What does this add up to? The air inside the entire intake system flows swift and cold.

What's more, the exterior coating won't rust or discolor.

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