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License2Bling is the hottest manufacturer of Swarovski car jewelry. The VIP frame is the world's fanciest crystal rhinestone license plate frame, featuring 500 genuine swarovski crystals, smooth chrome and patented construction. The 256 Frame is the perfect crystal license plate frame for everyone, featuring the same rhinestones and construction as the VIP frame but with 256 crystals. The 125 Series, like the name implies, features 125 genuine Swarovski crystals and, at an affordable price, is perfect for as a gift and for everyone who wants a little more bling in their life. Celebrities, athletes and rock stars just can't get enough of the License2Bling Swarovski™ rhinestone license plate frames. With crystal colors including pink, blue, aurore boreale and many more, License2Bling has become the #1 car accessory for celebs like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Christina Milian, Nichole Richie, Kimberly Stewart and many more!