1001-0102-13 Cadillac XTS 2013-2015 (Except Platinum Models) Mesh Grille by E&G Classics
Cadillac XTS 2013 (Except V Models) Fine Mesh Grille by E&G Classics


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#1001-0102-13 - Fine Mesh 2 Pc Grille Kit
#1001-010U-13 - Fine Mesh Upper Only Grille
#1001-010L-13 - Fine Mesh Lower Only Grille
#1001-0102-13AC - Fine Mesh Grille Kit - 2 Pc - ADAPTIVE CRUISE
#1001-010U-13AC - Fine Mesh Upper Grille - 1 Pc - ADAPTIVE CRUISE

#1001-0104-13 - Heavy Mesh 2 Pc Grille Kit
#1001-010U-13H - Heavy Mesh Upper Only Grille
#1001-010L-13H - Heavy Mesh Lower Only Grille
#1001-0104-13AC - Heavy Mesh Grille Kit - 2 Pc - ADAPTIVE CRUISE

#1001-0104-13D - Dual Weave Mesh 2 Pc Grille Kit
#1001-010U-13D - Dual Weave Mesh Upper Only Grille
#1001-010L-13D - Dual Weave Mesh Lower Only Grille
1001-0104-13DAC - Dual Weave Mesh Grille Kit - 2 Pc - ADAPTIVE CRUISE

#1001-B102-13 - Black Ice Fine Mesh 2 Pc Grille Kit
#1001-B104-13 - Black Ice Heavy Mesh 2 Pc Grille Kit
#1001-B102-13AC - Black Ice FINE Mesh Grille Kit - 2 Pc - ADAPTIVE CRUISE

E&G Classics© Fine Mesh Grilles

E&G Classics© Fine Mesh grilles will give your car or truck a new and drastically lavish appearance. Created by the skilled hands of expert craftsmen, these grilles are made up of only the best materials. Once the grille has been assembled and completed, it is then fully covered in chrome and polished to a gleaming high shine. The chrome will of course bring a ton of sparkle and shine, but it will also help to increase the grille's durability.

To install a Fine Mesh grille by E&G Classics©, just follow the simple, easy to read instructions that are included. In no time at all you will have changed your vehicle from blah to bling. Precision cuts, handcrafted, and lots of chrome make up the elements of a perfect fit.

E&G Classics© understands that consumers not only want to accessorize their cars and trucks, but they want to transform them into custom creations that they were able to do themselves. Always one step ahead of the others in the aftermarket accessory industry, E&G Classics© products continually push the innovation envelope to the extreme.

Since the early seventies when E&G Classics© first hit the scene, they have been providing accessories to consumers that are not only stylish, but super tough and long lasting. Their creativity and passion is what gives birth to new products like the Fine Mesh grille. This luscious grille will stand out from all others on the road with a sophisticated design that will give any ride an appearance of customized high class.

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